A paradise of contrasts, filled with history and exuberant natural beauty

Located in Mexico’s southern border, Chiapas is the eight largest state in the country and in its territory you will find seven regions, all vastly different but equally filled with beauty and adventure.

The climate in the states depends on the height of the region you are in, so the state’s varied topography brings with it a diversity of climates. Under 1000 meters above sea level (masl) you will find warm, humid climates, between 1000 and 2000 masl you’ll find more cooler but still warm climate and once above 2000 masl you get the temperate climate; it is only on the state’s highest points, like the summit of Tecaná that you will find a truly cold climate. The northern mountainous regions of the state are known for their intense year-round rains while the central depression and the coastal areas have less rain and only between May and October. All of this contributes to the incredible wealth of biodiversity and natural beauty that this state harbors.

The seven regions that comprise Chiapas are:

The Pacific Plains, where Chiapas meets the Pacific ocean, a region crossed by rivers of all sizes and lush mangrove forests.

The Sierra Madre, home to El Triunfo Reserve and the cloud forests, a unique ecosystem full of life, with varied climate and topography going from warm valleys to the highest, coldest peak in the whole state.

The Central Depression, a rift valley traversed by the Grijalva river, home to the largest settlements in Chiapas, including the capital Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Los Altos de Chiapas, the heights, a mountainous region of higher elevation located in the central part of Chiapas. This area stands out because of its temperate forest landscapes and for the historic town San Cristóbal de las Casas.

The Eastern Mountains, a series of mountain ranges that run from northeast to southeast, separated by the valleys that run through the tributaries of Usumacinta river and great lakes like Miramar and Ojos Azules, as well as the Lacandona Jungle, home to the Lacandon people and a true refure of nature.

The Northern Mountains, a volcanic mountainous region famous for the abundance of fossilized amber, considered the state’s jewel. This zone features a diverse relief and complex hydrological network that results in impressive waterfalls all over, like the famous Agua Azul falls.

In Chiapas paradise is always a few steps away.


Destinations in Chiapas

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