A world cultural heritage in a beautiful destination

One of the great cultural centers of Mexico, where the history and culture of ancient Mexico mix in every day life with traditional contemporary art and customs. From its capital, the city of Oaxaca, UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity, its archaeological and cultural sites, the tourist complex of Huatulco with its beautiful beaches or Puerto Escondido with its marine adventures, in every corner of this state you will find an experience to live.

With each step you take in the city of Oaxaca you will find another part of its appeal. The beauty of its architecture, a reflection of the history of the city, the colorful market, incredible art galleries and the delicious gastronomy that awaits you in each typical cafe and restaurant here. To visit this city is to be Oaxacan for a day. The wilderness that separates the city from other destinations also hides great opportunities for horseback adventures, nature walks, off-roading and other adventures.

On the Pacific coast you will find two coastal paradises, Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, with all the adventure that awaits you there. In Huatulco you will find 9 bays with 38 incredible beaches, many of them virgin, offering beautiful views and an incredible atmosphere in the resorts in the area. In the 7 beaches of Puerto Escondido you will find a more adventurous side of the sea, with fishing, snorkeling and diving tours, and even whale sightings in certain seasons. In addition, Puerto Escondido is a world famous destination for its ideal location for surfing.

Come visit this great State on your next trip and see for yourself that Oaxaca has it all.


Destinations in Oaxaca

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Oaxcaca México


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