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The nine bays of Huatulco: Cacaluta, Chachacual, Chahué, Conejos, Órgano, Maguey, San Agustín, Santa Cruz and Tangolunda shelter an earthly paradise made up of 36 beaches of soft, white sand, framed by vibrant emerald waters and a rich blue sky. Located in the southwestern coast of Oaxaca in a 35 km stretch of shoreline, these nine bays offer opportunities for ecotourism activities in both land and sea like scuba, fishing, kayaking, hiking and much more.

Although it was its beaches that made Huatulco famous, its hilly jungles also have a lot to offer. Like the spectacular sites known as “La Piedra de Moros” and Río Copalita, ideal sites for higher octane adventures like rock climbing, hiking rafting in rapids.

Besides, the town of Santa María Huatulco has its own traditional charisma and is home to Huatulco National Park. This park’s 11,000 hectares harbor a rich biodiversity representative of the local flora and fauna.

La Crucecita is the heart of Huatulco. When taking a walk you will find the cathedral and its monumental Virgin of Guadalupe painted on the ceiling and restaurants to travel through the Oaxacan cuisine, including several mezcalerias for evening drinks.
As well, don't miss the Museum of Oaxacan Handcrafts and admire the handcrafted rugs in Teotitlan del Valle, as well as pieces made out of black clay, alebrijes and embroidery. If you want to learn the tradition of natural wool dyeing, then go to the Centro Textil Artesanal Beel Guiée in the Arroyo González community, very close to the main district.