Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Once just a tranquil village with fly-in fishing resorts at the very cape of the Baja California, often sought after its superb conditions of sport and deep sea fishing, the Cabo San Lucas grew exponentially over the past twenty years, offering plenty of fun activities to try on. 

Having the reputation of the wilder sister of the two famous cabos (San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas), San Lucas is a great choice if you are longing for the most exciting and adventurous vacation possible. Just get swept in the moment and enjoy the ride that you won’t forget!

Profi-fishing has always been the chief attraction for Cabos visitors. No wonder since the region is globally known as the ‘Marlin Capital of the world’. If you get lucky, just bring your own catch of the day to one of the many local seafood restaurants, they will be happy to grill it for you.

Apart from fishing though, the big attraction is also whale-watching. The Pacific population of whales migrates every winter to the Sea of Cortéz to socialize and calve their babies. They all pass San Lucas: an experience not to be missed. Just rent a small boat, some of which might have a glass bottom, and let the waves drift you away on the ocean. Just don’t forget to keep your eye open for the tails! And occasionally also for the flocks of dolphins or sea lions!

However, it is not only the abundant marine life that puts Cabo San Lucas on the perfect vacation list. It is also known for its romantic atmosphere. Whether you decide to ride a horse on the beach and enjoy the wind whipping through your hair; or you rent a catamaran to watch the sun set behind the Pacific surface; or you choose to go around El Arco (The Arch), the famous rock formation at the peninsula's very southern tip, looking as if cut from a scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean; you will indeed feel the pulsing energy of this place and you won’t be able to shut down the feeling that love is in the air. When going around the Arch (El Arco), it would be a sin not to stop by in tranquil virgin Playa del Amore (The Lover’s Beach), famous for its easy access and azure waters of the Sea of Cortéz and its sister El Divorciado (The Divorce Beach), overlooking the rough waters of the Pacific. Just make sure not to bathe in the Pacific side due to its riptides and undertows.

 For those looking for some fun, you can just chill out at one of the numerous golf courses. Or take the chance to swim and snorkel, or try on kayakingpaddleboarding or surfing. If you need a little bit more rush, you were born for parasailingjets skiskiteboarding or flyboard. The absolute adrenaline freaks will appreciate nearby Wild Canyon with Zippers and numerous other attractions. However, nothing feels better then racing insanely with the wind on the beach in the super fun ATVs!

If any chance you got bored by having too much fun, you can always get yourself a set of wheels and drive to a nearby secluded beaches such as Chileno or Santa María, or escape the tourist zone and visit some of nature’s most pristine deserts or quaint magical towns (Pueblos Mágicos) such as Todos Santos.