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La Paz

La Paz

A true lost paradise with pristine white sand beaches and slow-pace life style, that is La Paz.

It is a small town with but with a rich history, founded by no one else than Hernán Cortéz himself in 1535, that has attracted attention of not only Spanish 'conquistadores' but also of numerous pirates and pearlers in the past. The place has still kept its colonial scent that is present in the Cathedral and Government palaces on the Zócalo Velasco Garden (the Velasco Garden main square).

As one of the first steps that most visitors take, it is a perfect starting point in your adventure in Baja California Sur. Charge your batteries and relax yourself like never before on the pristine white-sand beaches. Visit splendid Balandra Beach with shallow waters that make it perfect for both adults and families, or just chill out on beautiful Pichilingue or Tecolote Beaches. For the romantic souls, wait for the dusk and go jogging or just take a walk on the charming waterfront promenade known as the Malecón. You will find plenty of cozy restaurants to either fine-dine or just take a drink.

However, you are at the coast!! Who would come to Baja California and not try to go sailing for at least one day. Just rent a small traditional panga at the local harbor and relish the scenic view of the spectacular coastline. In winter, keep your eyes open for the tails, as the grey whales among others come down here from around the whole Pacific to mate and calve their young.

Take an afternoon off and go kayaking or snorkeling with sea lions in the nearby Espíritu Santo Island, National protected park and a part of Unesco World Heritage. Just about one hour from La Paz, you can find a true paradise, an island with an impressive coral reef and white sand beaches. Take your time to explore all the shallow azure inlets and pinky cliffs on the kayak. Fool out with sea lions in Los Islotes, or simply lie down and enjoy the sun. You might even get lucky, and see some whales on the way! The Espíritu Santo Island is a place not to be missed!

If you are one of the wilder kind, get you heart pumping hard and go off road! The surrounding dessert terrain is the ideal place to blow off some steam. No wonder that the Baja 1000 often finishes in La Paz. You will find yourself having hundreds of kilometres to explore and simply have fun.

Do not miss the chance to visit La Paz and have a vacation that you will not forget!