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San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo

Not as wild as its nearby sister Cabo San Lucas, as the locals call them, San José del Cabo has still kept its colonial scent with the colorful 18th-century houses, overlooking the vast waters of Sea of Cortez.

 This peaceful town offers a wonderful combination of serene and cozy atmosphere and natural adventures. Don’t let the opportunity slip away and simply have the time of your life in San José del Cabo. You can kill two birds with one stone by visiting one of the best places in the world for whale-watching and a first-class fishing destination in one.

Get closer to Mother Nature!

Whether you are an amateur watcher or an experience zoologist, you shall not miss the chance to rent a boat and cruise the coastline of the Sea of Cortéz with all its diverse and abundant marine life. Apart from numerous flocks of dolphins, you can see great variety of whales, most common of which is the grey whale, which migrate here from all over the pacific to mate and calve their young. While searching for the whales on the boat, you can kill the time by fishing. Los Cabos offers superb sport-fishing conditions. It is not a coincidence that this place is nicknamed a Marlin Capital of the World. However, it is not only Marling that could end up on your fishing rod, as there is also abundant population of Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Shark, Snapper and Swordfish. Whale-watching and fishing in San José is a truly life-changing experience. So don’t let the boat leave without you!

It would not be a dreamy holiday without sand and sun rays and San José gets all you need for a perfect day on the beach. Protected from the rough waves and dangerous currents common in the Pacific side, it has an easy access to the Sea of Cortéz. The nature lovers will fall in love with the wide Playa del Amore (one of the widest Mexican beaches) and Playa Palmilla, where you can have a go at kayaking, snorkeling, and surf paddling. If you are a true adventurer, just rent a car and set off to explore more of Costa Azul, where you can chill out alone on one of the beautiful virgin beaches of Chileno or Santa María. Just don’t forget your sun blocker and enough water supply!

Let’s get some fun!

Wake up the child deep inside you and visit the Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos where you can swim and play with dolphins. If you are passionate diver and you do not mind getting out of the town for a while, you will be amazed by the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park where you can observe the Sea of Cortez's only hard coral reef and the wreck of the fishing boat Colima. Take your family into in the tranquil San Jose's Estuary and Bird Sanctuary with up to 200 bird species and simply absorb the natural beauty when strolling around. If you have hot blood and seek a bit of adrenaline, you cannot miss the Desertica Cabo Multi Adventure Park. This will definitely spice things up! Just try one of the many attractions the park offers, ranging from various zip-lines, to kayaking in the wild water or hiking the trails with a guide. Don’t forget your camera as they will be plenty to photograph!

Explore the town and recharge your batteries!

Take a walk on the main square and browse the local crafts shops with artisans and hand-crafted objects of all types. To have the fullest Mexican experience, look for the Señor de los 'elotes' with his typical tricycle and corn basket who will happily serve you a boiled corn on the cobs (elotes). This is a must in Cabos! However, be careful with spices.

When you get tired, recharge your batteries in one of the fine-dining local restaurants. For something traditionally Mexican just, dive in Las Cazuelas del Don to taste their delicious 'cazuelas' (tran. cooking pots). If you like to experiment and you don’t mind surprises, you cannot leave San José without dining at least once in Casianos. With no written menu changing every day, this is a must go. Simply sit down and wait for the chef to decide what to put on your table. The season ingredients and quality are guaranteed! If you want to leave San José not only with a full belly, but also with ability to prepare those delicious Mexican dishes at home, the Organic restaurant at Huerta Los Tamarindos is the right choice for you. Having reputation as one of the best restaurants in the whole Los Cabos, the restaurant also offers farm tours and cooking classes – where you’ll get to indulge into the meal that you prepared yourself. Necessary to book in advance!