Todos Santos

Todos Santos

Whether you are planning to take a day off from your adventures in Cabo San Lucas or heading down south from La Paz, you should not miss the quaint town of Todos Santos. 

Apart from snorkeling, whale-watching, swimming with sea lions or fishing on the traditional Mexican pangas, which you can do pretty much anywhere in Los Cabos, this Pueblo Mágico (the Magical Town) offers a placid atmosphere and plenty of picturesque corners to sit down and contemplate the moment.

The artistic aura emanates from every corner. Todos Santos is popular among all types of artist who like to exhibit their work in several of the local galleries, such as Centro Cultura or Casa de Cultura. This place has a long history, which is obvious at every step. You can explore the old sugar mill, still with the original machines or stop for a moment to admire the beautiful 18th century architecture, among which the most famous one is Misión Nuestra Señora del Pilar church. Follow the colorful houses and stop by in the local handicraft shops or simply take a walk down the street up to ‘the Hotel California’ that served as inspiration for the 80s song by the Eagles music band. At least that is what the local urban legend says.

When you feel tired of all this wandering, take a break en La Esquina coffee shop before heading to another adventure. If you need more than just a coffee to recharge your batteries, just drive up the desert roads into the mountains and visit Doña Ramona’s ranch. This is an excellent opportunity to have a delicious lunch and learn something about the life of the mountain ranchers. You can also take a short pottery class, using local clay, and when you are done with your masterwork, just follow Doña Ramona into her kitchen to learn how to make the delicious traditional tortillas. That way you enjoy the traditional Mexican dishes as never before!

It would not be a proper relax without chilling out on one of the spectacular beaches such as Playa Las Palmas and Playa Los Cerritos with an easy access to water. If you are longing for an epic time, you can rock climb on the granite cliffs and rappel down afterwards or simply take an outdoor tour and either hike up the Pacific bluffs, starting at the Punta Lobos Beach or hike around one of the California Baja’s least explored areas (Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere), starting in desert scrub and slowly proceeding to the green lush areas with oak and pine forests featuring breath-taking scenery.

The animal lovers will also appreciate Tortugueros Las Playitas – where zoologist are working with the help of local kids and other volunteers on the project to incubate Leatherback nests during winter months. Watch their hatching is a truly unique experience. So don’t miss that!